The bible is full of mysterious and wonderful kosher animals, fish, birds, and insects!
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Bison / Buffalo

American buffalo; Cape buffalo; Water buffalo; Wisent. 



Banteng; Gayal; Muskox; Taurine cattle / Ox / Domestic cow; Yak; Zebu.



Argali; Bighorn; Dall; Domestic sheep; Mouflon; Snow sheep; Urial.


Goat / Ibex

Alpine ibex; Caucasian tur; Domestic goat / Wild goat; Goral; Markhor; Nubian ibex; Siberian ibex; Spanish ibex; Takin; Walia ibex.



Elk; Eurasian Elk; Moose; Mule deer; Muntjac / Barking deer; Reindeer / Caribou; Roe deer; Wapiti; White-tailed deer.



Chicken / Capon; Dove; Duck; Goose; Guineafowl*; Muscovy duck; Partridge; Pheasant*; Pigeon; Quail *(some); Sparrow; Swallow; Turkey.

*Note: A few birds have debates as to their kashruth. See this full note to understand the kashruth of birds.


Giraffe; Okapi.



Blackbuck; Blesbok; Bongo; Bushbuk; Dik-dik; Eland; Gazelle; Gerenuk; Hartebeest; Impala; Klipspringer; Kudu; Lechwe; Nilgal; Nyala; Oribi; Oryx / Gemsbok; Pronghorn; Reedbuck; Sitatunga; Springbok; Steenbok; Topi; Tsessebe; Waterbuck; Wildebeest.






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